Dupioni Silk - Classic 2" Headband - Neutral Palette

The classic 2" headband measures 2" at its widest (top of head) and tapers down to 3/4" at the ends (behind the ears). From end to end the headband measures 14.5". It's tight enough for a good grip but loose enough to avoid headaches. Classic headbands have a top piece of fabric (solid silk or patterned cotton) and bottom piece of fabric (solid cotton) that are sewn together and glued on to the headband form, which is made of a pliable and soft plastic. The glue used is non-toxic and washable. The headband form is visible from the bottom side of the headband. Great for a bad hair day or to spruce up any hairdo! This stack shows, from top to bottom, PRALINE, CREAM, COAL, PEWTER, SMOKE